Do you know the (occasionally overused) phrase, New Year, New Me? Well, this year, it’s happening over here at Crew HR and we couldn’t be more excited!

Josianne and her team are thrilled to welcome you to the new home base!  After almost a decade under SmartFox Consulting, it is time to evolve and grow.

For those who are new to us, Crew HR is a full-service boutique firm offering recruitment, human resources consulting and coaching services. For those who we have worked with, welcome back!

We partner with companies, groups, and individuals to help them access their full potential.

We are a forward-thinking consulting firm with a great track record of consulting, recruitment and executive search achievements. We are familiar with the various public and private sector organizational structures, missions, operational and budgetary requirements, and expectations.

Crew HR has a hands on and proactive approach to every project we undertake. Plus, we love doing what we do, so we always bring incredible energy and passion to the table.

So if you are looking to find your next top talent, want to brush up on your interviewing skills, or looking for a team workshop, let’s chat!

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